Rahul Gandhi : Railway Minister

After Dussehra the most awaited cabinet reshuffle may take place.Everyone was expecting for active role as Cabinet Minister from Rahul,but he was denying it.But now it has become so essential, as Sonia Gandhi has indicated for early election. It is very critical time for the party, as it is deep in the charge of corruption. Only the face of Rahul Gandhi may play a magic.But which post will be given to him. It is very clear that after Prime Minister,Home Minister,Railway Minister and Finance Minister are host post.But in election time Home and Defence may prove useless.He may not be apt for finance in first hand. So only Railway Ministry comes in his favour, where he not only can announce favour to poor but also many projects as a dream. Railway is the only network for him to reach to public. He may also try for Rural Development Ministry for favouring poor, but it will not give him chance to join the elite powerful group. While with Railway he can enjoy the group as well as please everyone.So wait and watch.


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