Losing Democracy

In India democracy is losing its value. Everyone is thinking for chair instead of nation. People are supposed fool. Even Indian Home Minister Mr. Sushil kr. Shinde told public would forget everything after a time. In the UPA government many cases of corruption came in light. Even people has become tired of it but leaders ….! Even political parties are not raising voice. These works are done by news papers, channels and public like Hazare, Kejriwal and so on. But leaders are trying to exploit anyhow. Instead of making improvement, they attack over the raising voice. Openly change & threat journalist in the Press Conference. In these crucial situation, nothing may be supposed safe as raising voice against the corrupt system is tough and dangerous. Circumstances indicate that in near future morality may be pushed back. Money and power will play a vital role. But what about Democracy? In India Democracy will be defined as”Democracy is off the people, fuck the people and buy the people”. What will be of nation?


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