Test of Indian Democracy

In Indian democracy a very critical point has come .It is said that democracy is so much popular because it is of the people, for the people, and by the people. And in which manner general public vote them to rule the nation in better way in the same manner, if governments goes with the unfavorable policies then public have right to pull back the government. But in these circumstances only representatives can play significant role. And in this time the manner, in which UPA government has utilized the Indian economy for wrong purpose the public is against them. Moreover that they have badly treated public, with unfavorable policies.  Government has full power to rule for five years, so what? Public have to just suffer silently? But TMC president Miss Mamta Banerjee has taken very hard decision, even knowing that govt. will be safe after her. But she worked for public .Mamta Banerjee took the decision against all the expectations. So now something is more expected from the president of SP, Mulayam Singh Yadav and BSP president Mayawati, besides DMK and other small parties. Now it is the time to observe whether UPA govt.  rolls back the policies for the survival of the govt. or stick to the decisions. It is also to watch whether the political parties just go with their fulfillment of desires or go for the success of democracy. In such a situation money and power also play an important role. Even we should not forget that once again demand for separate Telangana state is disturbing the assembly for which some congressman went to meet the Telangana representatives for the same. It may also be possible that the congress may become agree for the separate state just for getting a support. No doubt Mamta Banerjee has taken a risk after all calculations. But Mulayam Singh or Mayawati will be able to do so; its hard to say as both belong to the same state in polar situations. And both are hard bargainer as well. Even very hot post of Railway minister is going to be vacated on Friday. However both the regional and the national politics are different things and any thing may be possible in the mean time. Even we should not forget that the Congress may have been waiting for mid elections to divert the minds from the recent scams and trick for the sympathetic votes. It will be surely interesting to watch either it is the success of democracy or something else? What do you think? What will happen?


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