Smart or Shameless Politics ?

Do you think that anybody has right to decisive you? Perhaps no, in any situation. But some persons have perception that they have been authorized to exploit the public as their mind can be diverted in different directions with some burning issues. Actually Home Minister of India Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde told during a press talk that as people have forgotten Bo force case in the same manner after some time they would not talk about Coal Block scam. In later time he clarified that it was just a joke. But it is said that only heart desire comes on the lips. However, there should not be doubt that in this fast life style anybody has time to think for Black Money, 2G spectrums, Common Wealth Games or Coal Block instead of one’s day to day struggle of life. Even Government had tried to bring reservation bill to divert the mind of MPs as well as general public. But when they realized their failureness then suddenly announced policy regarding price hike and FDI. And no doubt, this time they have achieved their desired goal. Even in election public will also vote them anyhow or due to any reason. Yes it may be possible that they may get fewer votes and may stand out as ruling party as had happened after Bo force matter. But for how long? Some questions are still unanswered. If public vote them to ruin the nation? If public vote them to do unfair dealing with the revenue of the nation which is collected from public in different sources? Does public give them authority to be immoral, aristocrat and exploit or to serve the nation in better way? What should public think? Whether their leaders have become smart or have reached to the height of immorality? Have they become habitual for doing scam after scam by taking benefits of innocent public who does not know the real fact of the nation? If it is the only truth then in coming years, only corrupt persons will be able to survive in this democracy. After a time democracy will be defined as “Democracy is of the corrupts, by the corrupts, for the corrupts”. But we should not be impatient and hope for the better world in coming years. As every thing have two sides.  


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