Frustrated Government

Tiger king : Man Mohan Singh In the story “The Tiger King”, King tried to kill one hundred tiger as the astrologer had told that he would be killed by a tiger. King did not only put his kingdom on the risk but also fired many officers from the job. Even when his rage came to its height, he ordered to double the land tax. However in the last, king died due to a tiger, and that was only a tiger toy. Same situation is going with Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh. UPA government was already facing the problem regarding Black Money, Common Wealth Game, 2G Spectrums, Coal Block besides Price hike and other policies. And now within two days government has taken several hard decisions. When suddenly government hiked price of Diesel and changed the policy regarding LPG, everyone got shocked. But when next day government declared decision regarding disinvestment policy in Retail, Aviation, Power and Broadcasting everything became clear. Prime Minister told that this is the time to take hard decision. While he also added that Indian Economic Condition is strong but these steps have been taken for the betterment. It will provide more opportunities for job and Oil companies will come out from the economic burden. Man Mohan Singh also added with such a sense that they are ready to be known as the Martyr for the welfare of the nation. But what is the meaning of such talks while maximum public is guessing that Congress is counting last days of rule. Now no doubt is remain that government has accepted expression of frustration and taking revenge otherwise trying to save in this critical time with new plans. Even this government had told that in their reign there would not be poverty. It seems very true as government is taking such decisions, in which no any poor man will remain for future. Due to policy of government everyone is expecting general election before the time. And in such situation Congress may hope for sympathy as well as support from the Industrialist. On which theory government is working, it’s hard to say. Is government thinking that Industrialists are sufficient to win the Election? Is government working under pressure of America and other countries? Has government decided to put the nation on the rent in the hands of foreigners before leaving the chair? Or government is trying to create a new, modified and privatized country, in which there will be no space for general public? What is the real motto? It should also be clear that these decisions may prove fruitful for the next government.


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