Social Media

Role of Media is very significant in today’s life. As it is said that media is essential fourth pillar for the success of democracy. But we should not forget that in earlier time word media was just concerned with notification, circulation, newspaper and news channels. Beside this magazine, poster etc. in other words all forms of print and electronic were included. But new form of media is playing a great role in these days. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter like social sites are such media, which are out of control from restricted authorities. In recent time only due to Facebook and Twitter several revolutions came in light, which not only made pressure on the government policy but also made change in the nation. It should be remembered that in earlier time news and views even were censored by the government according to need. Same situation even repeated in today’s life. Country like China to put ban on the several sites. Why should we go to Pakistan or other countries, while in recent time several websites including some pages of Twitter and Facebook were banned in India. But it was the need of moment. Actually Print and Electronic may be controlled by government or any authorized body. But with social media it is a great problem that producer and viewer/audience both are general public .And on these sites public is free to upload or download any materials. If materials are for welfare and knowledge then it is very good. But when sensitive materials or vulgarity are uploaded then it becomes trouble. It becomes trouble if it is uploaded by very young and immature person. But if something is uploaded by the mature person to aware the public of the country, it is always welcomed. But in recent time it has been experienced that some mature but narrow-minded persons have highlighted themselves only with wrong reasons. These things may not be accepted by any society or the nation. So it is the responsibility of every citizens to try to understand the value and significance of social media, and make as useful it may be instead of wasting time, energy and money behind it.Media may be of any form and it may be used in any way. But utility may be proved in the best way. What do you think?


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