Test of Indian Democracy

In Indian democracy a very critical point has come .It is said that democracy is so much popular because it is of the people, for the people, and by the people. And in which manner general public vote them to rule the nation in better way in the same manner, if governments goes with the unfavorable policies then public have right to pull back the government. But in these circumstances only representatives can play significant role. And in this time the manner, in which UPA government has utilized the Indian economy for wrong purpose the public is against them. Moreover that they have badly treated public, with unfavorable policies.  Government has full power to rule for five years, so what? Public have to just suffer silently? But TMC president Miss Mamta Banerjee has taken very hard decision, even knowing that govt. will be safe after her. But she worked for public .Mamta Banerjee took the decision against all the expectations. So now something is more expected from the president of SP, Mulayam Singh Yadav and BSP president Mayawati, besides DMK and other small parties. Now it is the time to observe whether UPA govt.  rolls back the policies for the survival of the govt. or stick to the decisions. It is also to watch whether the political parties just go with their fulfillment of desires or go for the success of democracy. In such a situation money and power also play an important role. Even we should not forget that once again demand for separate Telangana state is disturbing the assembly for which some congressman went to meet the Telangana representatives for the same. It may also be possible that the congress may become agree for the separate state just for getting a support. No doubt Mamta Banerjee has taken a risk after all calculations. But Mulayam Singh or Mayawati will be able to do so; its hard to say as both belong to the same state in polar situations. And both are hard bargainer as well. Even very hot post of Railway minister is going to be vacated on Friday. However both the regional and the national politics are different things and any thing may be possible in the mean time. Even we should not forget that the Congress may have been waiting for mid elections to divert the minds from the recent scams and trick for the sympathetic votes. It will be surely interesting to watch either it is the success of democracy or something else? What do you think? What will happen?


Smart or Shameless Politics ?

Do you think that anybody has right to decisive you? Perhaps no, in any situation. But some persons have perception that they have been authorized to exploit the public as their mind can be diverted in different directions with some burning issues. Actually Home Minister of India Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde told during a press talk that as people have forgotten Bo force case in the same manner after some time they would not talk about Coal Block scam. In later time he clarified that it was just a joke. But it is said that only heart desire comes on the lips. However, there should not be doubt that in this fast life style anybody has time to think for Black Money, 2G spectrums, Common Wealth Games or Coal Block instead of one’s day to day struggle of life. Even Government had tried to bring reservation bill to divert the mind of MPs as well as general public. But when they realized their failureness then suddenly announced policy regarding price hike and FDI. And no doubt, this time they have achieved their desired goal. Even in election public will also vote them anyhow or due to any reason. Yes it may be possible that they may get fewer votes and may stand out as ruling party as had happened after Bo force matter. But for how long? Some questions are still unanswered. If public vote them to ruin the nation? If public vote them to do unfair dealing with the revenue of the nation which is collected from public in different sources? Does public give them authority to be immoral, aristocrat and exploit or to serve the nation in better way? What should public think? Whether their leaders have become smart or have reached to the height of immorality? Have they become habitual for doing scam after scam by taking benefits of innocent public who does not know the real fact of the nation? If it is the only truth then in coming years, only corrupt persons will be able to survive in this democracy. After a time democracy will be defined as “Democracy is of the corrupts, by the corrupts, for the corrupts”. But we should not be impatient and hope for the better world in coming years. As every thing have two sides.  

Frustrated Government

Tiger king : Man Mohan Singh In the story “The Tiger King”, King tried to kill one hundred tiger as the astrologer had told that he would be killed by a tiger. King did not only put his kingdom on the risk but also fired many officers from the job. Even when his rage came to its height, he ordered to double the land tax. However in the last, king died due to a tiger, and that was only a tiger toy. Same situation is going with Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh. UPA government was already facing the problem regarding Black Money, Common Wealth Game, 2G Spectrums, Coal Block besides Price hike and other policies. And now within two days government has taken several hard decisions. When suddenly government hiked price of Diesel and changed the policy regarding LPG, everyone got shocked. But when next day government declared decision regarding disinvestment policy in Retail, Aviation, Power and Broadcasting everything became clear. Prime Minister told that this is the time to take hard decision. While he also added that Indian Economic Condition is strong but these steps have been taken for the betterment. It will provide more opportunities for job and Oil companies will come out from the economic burden. Man Mohan Singh also added with such a sense that they are ready to be known as the Martyr for the welfare of the nation. But what is the meaning of such talks while maximum public is guessing that Congress is counting last days of rule. Now no doubt is remain that government has accepted expression of frustration and taking revenge otherwise trying to save in this critical time with new plans. Even this government had told that in their reign there would not be poverty. It seems very true as government is taking such decisions, in which no any poor man will remain for future. Due to policy of government everyone is expecting general election before the time. And in such situation Congress may hope for sympathy as well as support from the Industrialist. On which theory government is working, it’s hard to say. Is government thinking that Industrialists are sufficient to win the Election? Is government working under pressure of America and other countries? Has government decided to put the nation on the rent in the hands of foreigners before leaving the chair? Or government is trying to create a new, modified and privatized country, in which there will be no space for general public? What is the real motto? It should also be clear that these decisions may prove fruitful for the next government.

Social Media

Role of Media is very significant in today’s life. As it is said that media is essential fourth pillar for the success of democracy. But we should not forget that in earlier time word media was just concerned with notification, circulation, newspaper and news channels. Beside this magazine, poster etc. in other words all forms of print and electronic were included. But new form of media is playing a great role in these days. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter like social sites are such media, which are out of control from restricted authorities. In recent time only due to Facebook and Twitter several revolutions came in light, which not only made pressure on the government policy but also made change in the nation. It should be remembered that in earlier time news and views even were censored by the government according to need. Same situation even repeated in today’s life. Country like China to put ban on the several sites. Why should we go to Pakistan or other countries, while in recent time several websites including some pages of Twitter and Facebook were banned in India. But it was the need of moment. Actually Print and Electronic may be controlled by government or any authorized body. But with social media it is a great problem that producer and viewer/audience both are general public .And on these sites public is free to upload or download any materials. If materials are for welfare and knowledge then it is very good. But when sensitive materials or vulgarity are uploaded then it becomes trouble. It becomes trouble if it is uploaded by very young and immature person. But if something is uploaded by the mature person to aware the public of the country, it is always welcomed. But in recent time it has been experienced that some mature but narrow-minded persons have highlighted themselves only with wrong reasons. These things may not be accepted by any society or the nation. So it is the responsibility of every citizens to try to understand the value and significance of social media, and make as useful it may be instead of wasting time, energy and money behind it.Media may be of any form and it may be used in any way. But utility may be proved in the best way. What do you think?

Prime Minister of India :Election 2014


Chair has charm. It may not be denied. And it does not matter either person deserves or not, but he/she wants a chair either by hook or crook. And when it is matter of the Prime Minister of India then there is nothing to say. Same thing is going in India. Election is in year 2014, but every leader is trying to project one selves as its going to be the celebration of First World War which happened in 1914. Man Mohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Sushma Swaraj etc. are the major warrior of this war. While several faces are also inside the curtain. Even Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ram Bilas Paswan were also the significant personalities. But Lalu Prasad Yadav and Ram Bilas Paswan have even lost their base in native state Bihar, so they are supposed out of order. Mulayam Singh Yadav may prove dark horse in the crucial time.

In one hand returning of congress in majority is suspected and personally Man Mohan Singh has become such a part of criticism that Rahul Gandhi surely will replace him. As the air of ant incumbency is going, so it is expected that BJP led NDA may regain the Paradise. But remarkable point is that most prominent candidate for this post from BJP is not only denied by a section of even BJP but also by the alliance parties. Shiv Sena Supreme Baal Thackeray has told that Sushma Swaraj is the suitable candidate for this post. If we talk about Nitish Kumar, he is genuinely a great leader as well as prominent candidate for the post but it surely will depend on the wining condition of seats, because in this circumstance other parties of the alliance may also demand for this post. And Sushma Swaraj will not only be acceptable as per the prominent leader but also a woman candidate for this post After Indira Gandhi. Even free from every doubt and suspense as also proved herself as Chief Minister of Delhi and Minister in the Central government. Alliance parties may also be agreeing on her name.

So it may be said that if it is the chance of Congress Rahul Gandhi will be the best choice, or if it is the chance of BJP, no doubt we should expect for the next woman Prime Minister of India .Otherwise in the third front case Dark Horse may appear in the last moment.